Youth Film Festival

Established in 2004, Youth Film Festival originates from Youth Film Festival in Southern Taiwan- a festival platform for Film/Video students. In recent years, especially with the combination of Youth Innovative Design Festival, the core value is now transformed into a memorable experience between students. In being the largest film competition for sprouting young filmmakers, the competition is specifically tailored to nationwide students who are fuelled by the passion of cinema. Youth Film Festival is undoubtedly the international portal that provides selective films from Taiwan to compete internationally.

In 2015, Youth Film Festival launches its official selection onto Internet, following the trendy footsteps of portable phone network. By simply tapping on the phone, the public is enabled to browse the latest news, and watch live streams with our modern reading habits. Being able to access information on the website is an unrestricted festival experience- an opportunity for actual events to take part in diverse social networks, creating groundbreaking concept of film festival in the cloud. 

Youth Film Festival aims to promote film shorts produced locally in Kaohsiung, especially through the eyes of young, and venturing filmmakers who are daring enough to be experimental in all levels, and fully spirited to ponder on the originality of films.

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