The Cupboard

Open The Cupboard to find a selection of animated short films produced by students of LASALLE College of the Arts!

LASALLE College of the Arts Animation programme provides you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and learning opportunities for the conceptualisation, development, and production of animated short films. The programme is designed to provide an interdisciplinary learning environment that exceeds the art/technology divide and surpasses the limitations of mere technical skillsets. It provides you with a learning environment and experience to develop as well-rounded artists, equipped with specialised animation and broad-based creative skills.

The Programme is first and foremost concerned with the acquisition and application of knowledge through reflective artistic practice, and with the creation, development, and the constant evaluation and dialogue to develop successful ideas suitable for the production of animated movies.

Ultimately, it is the aim of the Programme to produce the future Leaders in Animation for the Creative Industries, equipped with the capability to be creative content decision makers, and the ability to create IP.

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