Singapore Short Film Awards

The Singapore Short Film Awards (SSFA) serves as an annual celebration of local short films and is the only platform that recognizes excellence in short films by category in Singapore. The SSFA strives to acknowledge not just the directors and producers, but key crew members - from art directors to sound editors to cinematographers and everyone in between. From emerging filmmakers to more established auteurs, SSFA is the only event that gives local audiences a chance to view the full gamut of short films in Singapore. Hosted by the Moving Images program at The Substation, SSFA invites you to discover our newest filmmaking talents!

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On Such And Such A Day, At Such And Such A Time
"On Such and Such a Day, At Such and Such a Time" is an intimate documentation which marries classic documentary, fictional narration and confessional drama to create a portrait of the filmmaker's grandmother. Natalie and her grandma Ellen's relationship is on the brink of change. As Natalie moves out and prepares to leave the comforts of home, old photographs are unearthed, leading to a time of recollection for Grandma. The film unfolds as a series of conversations between Natalie and her grandmother, interspersed with Ellen's highly personal reminiscences of her life both past and present. As the two recount family life, memories and dreams surface.In one of their conversations, Grandma Ellen is seen painting lotus flowers in her room. She gives an account painting a patch of lotus flowers in the pond: "There are a lot of details I cannot see.. far away in the pond". This realisation encapsulates the essence of the short film that details of one's life are always more lucid in retrospect. The attempt to capture the details of lived experience - Grandma is shown painting, reading the newspaper, going to the gallery and swimming - reveal that moments are simultaneously essential and fleeting. Yet, it is the process of capturing - whether in the position of seeing one's paintings in a gallery, or lived experiences through the lens- that empowers the sharing of a portrait of a time past, and an intimate ode to a loved one. This is a film for my grandma Ellen.