Learn. Connect. Experience.

'Learn. Connect. Experience. @ Culture Academy’ is a programme by the Culture Academy that showcases bite-sized training videos that help to provide inspiration and ideas relevant and useful to our culture sector professionals. 

Dare To Be Extraordinary

“Dare To Be Extraordinary” brings together insights and the personal journeys of five eminent local arts practitioners from different genres, to celebrate how each of them have made a unique mark in our arts and cultural scene by overcoming the many challenges and charting a new and bold path for themselves and their art form.This content is brought to you by the Culture Academy Singapore, MCCY

Yours Virtually

“Yours Virtually” brings together insights from practitioners and organisations, surrounding the journey of having to re-imagine their practices for the digital sphere.We find out how they have adapted their mediums into virtual formats and what new opportunities have emerged for the community in the arts and culture sector since.This content is brought to you by the Culture Academy Singapore, MCCY

Cultural Identity

The Culture Academy presents a 4-part series focused on sharing insights and learnings to help guide the next generation of arts and culture administrators and practitioners. In this third series, we focus on cultural identity. We speak to 5 arts & culture practitioners across genres and generations to find out how they negotiate, challenge, or deepen their understanding of Singapore’s cultural identity through their craft.