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The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts, School of Film and Television was established by the Academy in September 1996. The School aims to be a professional centre of excellence and to both reflect and influence existing practice in the local film and television industries.The School offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree programme in Film and Television with six major studies (Production Administration, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing and Sound), and a two-year Master of Fine Arts Degree programme in Cinema Production targeting at producing a feature-length narrative and/or documentary film at the end of the programme.In particular the School aims to train the students to create as a team. Film and Television is about teamwork. The director is one of a team and so are other positions, each making his/her own particular creative and technical contribution to the whole. 


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In The Name Of Love (因愛之名)
In tomorrow's world, androids are as common as cell phones. Androids provide great support to human beings in their daily life, even on emotion. One day, a prohibited computer program appears. It can make androids to have independent thinking. Human beings feel threatened. They are afraid that with this program, androids would rebel and a disaster would be coming. Hence, a special task force is formed to exterminate these virus-affected androids.Shirakawa is one of the officers of the special task force. In an operation, he catches Alice, one of the deviated androids. Shirakawa finds Alice look very much like his runaway wife. Instead of exterminating it, he takes Alice home. He wishes this special android could bring him back a happy family. However, Alice is not a robot anymore. It can think and decide. Finally, Alice escapes and unexpectedly, it discovers the truth which is....在未來世界中,機器人就像是智能電話這樣普遍著。機器人為人類提供了生活上的各種便利,還包括了情緒上的慰籍。一天,電腦程序出現了病變,這讓機器人們都擁有了獨立思考的權利,而這也導致了人們受到了無比的威脅。人類擔心著獨立思想的機器人會為他們帶了巨大的災難。於是,一組負責消滅出現程序病變機器人的部隊成立了。百川是部隊中的其中一位隊員。在一項活動中,他逮捕了Alice,一位出現程序病變的女機器人。百川頓時發現Alice與自己離家的前妻長的一模一樣。與其消滅程序,百川卻將Alice帶回了家中。可是,他卻沒發現Alice已經不是一板一眼的機器人了,而是擁有獨立思想與決定的機器人。最後,Alice出乎預料的逃出了,而她也發現了事情的真相原來是......
16 min   #Drama  #Sci-fi  #Love