Fidan, a professional website for short films has started its activity from 22nd of June 2015. This website was created and managed by Hadi Alipanah, the journalist and film critic.

Among the prominent aims of Fidan, one can refer to producing professional content in cinematic literature of short film, an effective attendance in national and international short film events and festivals, communicating with other organizations and institutions to broaden the sponsoring horizons for short film filmmakers, screening short films throughout Iran to increase short film audiences and considering about the best and most significant produced films for presenting an independent and autonomous image of Iran's short film and Iranian short film all over the world. 

Criticizing short films, getting informed of short film news, interviewing with filmmakers and notes about short film that are written by short film filmmakers about various of subjects are parts of different issues which are being released on Fidan website or by Fidan itself in Iranian Cinematic publications. Fidan also works in the field of distributing Iranian short films in international short film festivals.

Finally, the main goal of Fidan from the production to presentation step is to support the short film filmmakers in different aspects.

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