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First-time Filmmakers Vietnam

FIRST TIME FILMMAKERS VIETNAM explores the country’s rapid urban transition through the unique visions of each filmmaker. Stories include the efforts of a group of “jam busters” who attempt to battle Hanoi’s notorious traffic congestion, a self-styled storyteller who captures the imagination of his audience with little more than ingenuity and the most basic of tools, the evolution of the urban landscape of Hanoi as the city celebrates its millennium anniversary, and an ancient reburial ritual that is at risk of disappearing.

Korea Next

Go beyond the beaten tourist trails and experience the real Land of the Morning Calm on KOREA NEXT through five documentaries by the winners of Discovery Channel’s First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Korea. The premiere works of passionate first time international film producers, KOREA NEXT unravels the next chapter of the ‘Korean dream’ in the 21st century, and exposes the true essence of the country at the confluence of an amazing multiplicity, where natural beauty, traditions, cultures, religions, festivals, lifestyles, music, movies and television all merge seamlessly with technology. KOREA NEXT dives deep into the heart and soul of the country, and lifts the veils off all that makes it the thriving entertainment, business, technology and tourism hub it is, and the inspiration and future it holds for its people and the world.

Nanjing Calling

Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (DNAP) and Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Association are looking for five filmmakers from Asia to produce original stories that capture the rise of Nanjing City as a metropolis of the future. Told from the unique perspectives of the filmmakers, the documentaries will highlight the extraordinary beauty and dynamic youthful charm of Nanjing. The five filmmakers and their projects will be announced later this year, and the resulting documentaries will air on Discovery Channel in Asia in 2015. ‘Nanjing Calling’ – part of Discovery Channel’s on-going First Time Filmmakers initiative – is a collaboration between Discovery Channel and the Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Association.Watch Discovery Channel documentaries here.

Singapore Stories

Directed by Singaporean documentary talent, five films capture the zeitgeist of an emerging Singapore. From a daily battle with birds on Orchard Road, urban farming, and the art of card flourishing; to a celebration of one of Singapore’s oldest housing estates and the creation of the island nation’s first-ever marine park, these topics – told from the filmmakers’ unique perspectives – showcase the new directions that are setting the themes for a brand new Singapore, confident of its next stage as a nation that has just entered its 50th year of independence. These documentaries are part of Discovery Channel's on-going First Time Filmmakers initiative, which is targeted at up-and-coming directors.Watch Discovery Channel documentaries here.

Super Japan

Five documentaries by the winners of Discovery Channel’s First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Japan – celebrates the evolvement of Japan into the global powerhouse it is today. From an ancient culture to ingenious modern technologies, and local favourites to global phenomena, the programmes showcase Japan through some of its most notable progressions, obsessions, and achievements.FTFM Japan is a partnership between Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan (MIC). The project is designed to help develop the documentary storytelling skills of Japanese filmmakers while providing them a platform for their talent and bring the globe on a journey that reveals what makes contemporary Japan tick.Watch Discovery Channel documentaries here.