An Anthology of Shorts to Commemorate 10 Years of Reform: Let’s Refuse to Forget.

9808 consists of 10 short films, directed by 10 directors. 9808 is a collective effort by a group of filmmakers, visual artists, and musicians to honor the tenth anniversary of Indonesian Reform era. This project was initiated by Prima Rusdi (screenwriter/writer), Edwin (director), Hafiz (visual artist). The films were being self funded by the filmmakers. The group calls themselves Proyek Payung (Umbrella Project).

Each film in 9808 highlights the idea of the Reform era and what it means from the perspectives of the country’s actual heroes: the civilians. 9808 all together offers a fresh new look on the importance of ordinary people and how strong they actually are, and how capable these ordinary people might be when they stick to the truth and hold on to their dignity. 

Finally, 9808 provokes the thought on why is it important to remember and why is it more important to take action to overcome any problems no matter how big they might seemed; be it discrimination, or corruption. 

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