Where's The Head? (陳太人頭失竊案)

Laiha, once a notorious mob boss, has always been planning the future for her only son Yan, in hope of securing his succession of the throne in the mob empire. However, Yan never has this ambition. Rather, he aspires to be a filmmaker. Yan is incompetent. His poor performance has once messed up a simple drug deal and put him in a huge debt, making him one of the most wanted men in the mobster world. Laiha tries desperately to save her son but one thing leads to another, they end up breaking into their neighbor Mr. Chan‘s home, hoping to get something valuable. Accidentally, they take back home the head of Mrs. Chan, who they think was murdered by Mr. Chan. They recklessly decide to blackmail Mr. Chan. Everything spirals out of control. Mr. Chan intends to outwit their conspiracy and haunts them back. Will Laiha and Yan survive the crisis?