A resilient Indian foster mother must risk her life in order to prove her Unconditional Love for her adopted Chinese daughter.

Unconditional Love

Lin, the young daughter of poor, widowed seamstress Yue Ying has her life turned upside down when her mother decides to offer her only child up for adoption to Aavni, her most loyal and valued customer & friend.

The beautiful and vibrant noble is at first reluctant. However, Yue Ying manages to convince the kind-hearted Aavni who in turn promises Yue Ying to not only foster Lin, but to love her like she would her own child.

A heartbroken Lin retaliates and chooses to deflect Aavni`s every attempt to earn her trust & affection.

The duo`s already turbulent and strained relationship is further put to the test when the truth behind her adoption is revealed.

Inspired by true events, this is how Unconditional Love conquered & triumphed over all.