15 Shorts: Shelter

As Singapore strived in the 90s, a family gets driven out of their home for unpaid debts and are forced to live in a tent on the beach. All seems peaceful until a stranger with an agenda enters their lives. 

The director dedicates this film to New Hope Community Services. 

In 2003, New Hope Community Services was founded to provide a temporary shelter to homeless men and families in Singapore. Today, New Hope has helped more than 900 displaced families and 1000 displaced individuals find their feet again. It offers mentoring, life skills training and support group services.

Director's Statement:

In a fast moving society like Singapore, most of us have the instinct to distrust strangers just like our protagonist in this story. When we first received the story of Rashid Bakar, we wanted to tell the story from the perspective of one of the families he helped. Shelter tells the story of a jaded 17-year-old teenager who, as the family’s sole breadwinner, has been tasked with responsibilities that no one at his age deserves.