Remember Me Not

Gam, a burnt out and stoic young adult, is the sole caretaker of her father who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Her father and her are a pair of comfort, pain, and slow healing - after an accident many years ago that changed their lives forever. She tries to uproot their family of two as her father’s condition deteriorates, but is soon confronted with the past and everything that she has tried to hide. Misplaced guilt and blame; a truth she must now face. The source of this longing, her ill father, who insistently requests for his “Bao”; his treasure.

Gam tries hard to compensate and make up for what her father is seeking. Her father, in some sentience through his condition, refuses to accept the wool she tries to pull over his eyes. At her wit’s end, and suddenly caught head-on with memories and emotions she has long tried to suppress, Gam decides to do what she feels is right, a resurrection of that hidden past.

Everything seems to be back to normal, their hefty but routine-based equilibrium restored. Everything, and then... Nothing. Once again, Gam finds herself at a loss. Little does she know, the treasure is closer than she thinks.