The film is made with a critical look at the deprived area of Angoran (Zanjan), which has the largest lead and zinc mine in the Middle East. Since the Angoran mine, as a large economic enterprise, is mined and colonized by a rent-seeking minority and has no significant material or spiritual achievements in that area, the economic function of this mine in that area has been criticized implicitly and indirectly. He plays the lead role in the film. While working in the mine, he is still suffering from poverty and deprivation, and in order to treat his child, he has to send him to Zanjan and pay for his treatment, his wife's brother. At the same time, he is in the grip of religious and metaphysical beliefs, and after treating and ostracizing his son's broken arm, he goes with his family to pay his vows to the deprived and abandoned shrines in the vicinity of solving his life. The traffic and appearance of the Imamzadeh building say a lot. The first role on the way back with the family is when his engine runs out of gas, he calls his friend to get him a liter or two of gasoline. Now the son of the worker (the first role in the film) taunts his religious beliefs and says that when the slave doctor needs a shrine and so on.