15 mins

A couple's daily life in the bathroom is a window for their relationship and the mirror, another point of view.


Warning: Contains Mature Theme

Minor conflicts in a couple’s bathroom show that their life is not as good as before. Suddenly, their reflections on the mirror come to life and form a new couple, not noticed by the first one. What causes conflict on one side of the mirror is treated as funny and loving moments on the other side.

Director's Note:

It is part of life to face obstacles and distress, but the amount of suffering you get, sometimes, depends on the way you deal with these difficult moments. By creating this short film, I tried to show that happy ends, sometimes, are only a matter of having a different point of view. 

  • 30th Chicago Latino Film Festival
  • Bogocine 2014 - 31º Festival de Cine de Bogota
  • Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes FENACO Perú 2014
  • Viewster Online Film Fest 2 - Relationship Status: It’s complicated
  • Curtas em Flagrante 2014
  • 11º FESTICINEAMAZÔNIA - Festival Latino-americano de Cinema Ambiental
  • 9º MIRAGEM - Mostra de Cinema de Miracema (2014)
  • VI Festival Internacional Cinema da Fronteira
  • CineRiba4 - IV Festival de Cinema de Rio Bonito
  • VERCINE - 2o Festival de Cinema Brasileiro da Baixada Fluminense
  • I Festival de Cinema de Peruíbe (2014)

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