A gay college student leaves his activist lover while waiting in vain for his guerilla boyfriend to come back from the mountains.

Mark & Lenny

MARK & LENNY centers on a gay college student named Ren who is in love with two activists. The story starts with his present lover Lenny admitting his desire to be Ren’s boyfriend while also revealing his strong intentions of going underground. Hesitant on Lenny’s desires, Ren reveals his past with another older activist named Mark, who also went underground four years ago and hasn’t written much recently. In the course of their discussions, Ren, although troubled, decides to leave Lenny to continue waiting in vain for Mark. Ren realizes he really loves Lenny and runs back to him, only to find Lenny already leaving for the countryside. After a sad final encounter, Ren and Lenny depart... but with a promise to get back together.