Just A Call Away

A moth flutters about the house, accompanied by conversations between grandparents and grandchildren. As snippets of daily life and tender longing play out, we remember the conveniently forgotten community that is just a call away.

As COVID-19 rages on throughout the world, we've quickly adapted to living our lives virtually to keep connected in these isolating times. In the midst of filling our schedules with home based productivity, a community sits silently obscured. Unfamiliar with technology and unaccustomed to these sudden changes, the elderly folk amongst our midst are in danger of being forgotten. For ourselves, we need look no further than our own grandparents. Have we called them up to check in on them? How often have we done so? Do we know what their days have been like? Listening in on 4 conversations between grandparents and their grandchildren, we see how their lives have changed, or revealingly, how it hasn’t changed at all.