In Between These Pages

After hearing of Khatijah’s fall, Imani decides to bring her grandmother home to care for her injuries. However, Khatijah is uncomfortable with Imani’s lifestyle living alone with Srii, her perceived roommate, but secretly Imani’s boyfriend.

As Khatijah comments and criticises her choices, Imani’s identity is questioned and tested as she tries to navigate between her family, religion and her own personal values.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director’s Statement: 

In Between these Pages focuses on identity as experienced by Imani, a Malay woman. It reflects my feelings that currently personhood seems pinned down to the performative ways we try to adhere to constraints of certain labels. Chosen or given. As seen in the film, it is often with little room for contradictions or space to break from stereotypes. Creator’s Statement: In Between These Pages seeks to provide a canvas to discuss our own social values; to analyse what it means to rewrite one’s own journey whilst navigating through traditional values; and the accountability of our own identity in relation to society-at-large. Through the characters, we learn to compromise, coming to terms with the biases exist in all of us.