First Mistake

Serial monogamists Jeff and Mimi are too quick to jump into relationships and always end up getting hurt by trying to force love. Their best friends challenge them to break the cycle and throw caution to the wind one night at a nightclub and hook up with a stranger. After doing the deed, Mimi discovers that she lives in the same building as Jeff and leaves without telling him (he doesn't know). Jeff thinks of Mimi in the days that follow and regrets not getting her contact information. Likewise, Mimi keeps thinking about Jeff and after confiding in her friend, decides to do something about her feelings. When Mimi finally gets the nerve up to visit Jeff and confess her love to him she discovers that he is married (actually, he isn't). Shattered, she runs away before he can meet with her. Jeff discovers Mimi's full name on the back of a necklace she accidentally dropped in his apartment the night they were together and immediately searches Instagram to find her. He reaches out to her and asks her to meet but she declines because she believes he is married. He insists that he isn't married but she's skeptical. She finally agrees to meet again if only to get her necklace back. Jeff and Mimi meet at a Japanese restaurant and Jeff is finally able to explain that he isn't married and that Mimi had been tricked by his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. Now seeing that Jeff is a good guy, Mimi's feelings for him return and she invites him to see her apartment - in the same building. Jeff is shocked that they live in the same building and excited to start a relationship with Mimi.