Fading Flowers (花兒哪裡去了)

Every year, a large number of children with birth defects are born in Shanxi Province. The local government claims that due to the lack of folic acid in soil, the pregnant women were undernourished. On the other hand, some experts assert that it is the coal industry, which harms the environment, that is the real culprit of freak babies. 

Ou Ou, like many other children, was abandoned because of her deformity. Fortunately, they were adopted by a kind couple who took in and brought up 39 children alike. However, the children die one after the other. 

When spring comes, Ou Ou, who is disabled, will go for treatment in the province. Ai Min will go to preschool in the village, together with Shu Shu who has cerebral palsy.With beautiful pear flowers filling the mountain, flickering in the wind, will it bring the hope?



美麗的春天就要來臨了,偶偶將要到外省去接受治療。而Ai Min 將與患有大腦麻痺症的ShuShu 到村內的一所學校上課。燦爛的梨花覆蓋了山,伴隨著風而飛翔,不知會否為他們帶來更美麗的希望?