An obsessed wife who wants to stop her cheating husband from leaving her, finds out that he is planning to bury her alive.

Act 1: After losing her baby in a miscarriage one year ago, Yu Bing feels that her husband is blaming on her and worries that their relationship is getting worse. She seeks advise from her best friend, Jean. One morning, Yu Bing finds strands of hair and perfume scent on Max’s shirt and suspects that he is cheating on her. 

Act 2: Yu Bing starts to investigate to find out if Max is cheating on her. After realizing that Max is cheating on her, Max tells her that he wants to get a divorce. Yu Bing threatens Max not to leave her as she bears his child and that she will kill herself if Max leaves her. Max is thrilled of her actions and tries to stop her. He accidentally kills Yu Bing, panics and calls his mistress for help. 

Act 3: Yu Bing turns out to be a false death, she eavesdrops on Max and his mistress and finds out that Max’s mistress turns out to be Jean and that they are planning to bury her alive. Yu Bing decides to take revenge on them. Jade tries to kill Jean but Max stops her.