A Bride-To-Be Investigates Her Fiance’s Past, Secrets & His Ex

Broken Vase

Catherine is having a garage sale before she moves to Hawaii with her fiance Paul. Initially assumed to be just another customer, Susan turns out to be the ex of Catherine's fiance, who has come to the house to pick up her belongings. As Catherine gets acquainted with Susan, she must confront her fiance's secret past and resolve her misgivings about their relationship.

在與未婚夫Paul 搬到夏威夷之前,Catherine 舉辦了一個舊衣物的買賣,目的只是為了與其中一個顧客會面,未婚夫的前度情人,Susan。當Susan 前來取貨時,她卻也漸漸發現了Susan 與丈夫之間的關係,與那一個秘密。