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Before We Get Old Ep 1: Punk

A veteran of the Singaporean punk scene, Nicholas Wong (The Caulfield Cult, Marijannah, Blood Pact) recounts how he went from a wide-eyed teen with big dreams to a world-touring punk musician.

A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
Baybeats 2005. It was a special feeling being there. It spoke to me and not that it was my first music fest but it shouted that there was a rock scene in Singapore.

My classmate then asked me if I want to enroll into Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Film, Sound and Video diploma program. In my head: “Hmmm, there’s ‘Sound’ in the course name... Sure!” I wanted to be a music producer.

15 years later, I am a film producer instead.

Yet I could never shake that feeling and now I am trying to reignite the sparks of my youth through this documentary. Perhaps it was to pay tribute to these featured artistes and learning what our music scene has become 15 years later. I had questions of our industry (or the lack of). Will we ever have an entertainment industry as robust as the Koreans or Japanese? Haha.

Before We Get Old, as the title suggests, is a time capsule that captured 5 people that did what I couldn’t do.