A Malay baker must overcome her mistrust of the Chinese in order to revive her pastry business and reunite the races during the racial riots.


‘Bangkit’ is a Malay period drama set in 1964. Bangkit, meaning “rise”, will portray its true meaning through the struggles of the protagonist of this film, Salimah. She is a famous Malay baker who is specialized in her Kuih Bangkit. Her everyday normal life takes a turn when the riots make its way into her home. A very accepting and nurturing character who treats everyone equally loses trust in the Chinese. Her distrust not only affects her mentally, but her family too. Her daughter, Zahirah, however, still believed in equality and understood how much the bakery meant to her mother. When Salimah realized that Zahirah put herself in danger to see her back on her feet, moved her. Knowing her daughter is willing to forgive and forget, it’s up to Salimah in the end to be as forgiving and open minded as she was before her life turned upside down or live on with the hatred and let her tradition die.