Ambition Episode 5: She Wants To Be

Pin grows weary as a crime reporter in Singapore, a place reputed as one of the safest cities with its low crime rates. A curious relationship develops when she meets Som, a new immigrant neighbour who is working in the city with big dreams. While reporting on a case of an armed robbery, she stumbles onto an alley in her backyard and witnesses an unusual altercation. When she returns to the site at night, she discovers the place filled with illicit activities and is surprised to find Som there. The confrontation reaches a tipping point when Pin learns the truth about Som, and the two are forced to make the right decision.

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A Viddsee Original Production

Director Statement:
There is more than meets the eye and in this film we hope to shed light on the fact that some things are hidden in plain sight. Sometimes, people put up a front because that is the only way to survive. When we think about ambitious women, we often think about women climbing up corporate ladders or women in male-dominated industries. But to me, ambition is a strong desire to fight for a better future, even if the odds are stacked against you. And for survivors of human trafficking, they too, have an ambition for their future. As individuals, we can be made more aware of the signs of victimisation, and hopefully spark conversations that are foreign to the masses.