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Sun Ji 纪水山 Film Director | Based in Singapore Sun Ji (simplified Chinese: 纪水山; traditional Chinese: 紀水山; pinyin: Jìshuǐshān; born 6 December 1992) is a Singaporean filmmaker. Sun is a graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, where he studied Moving Images. Sun's directing journey started from his first short film: 英雄 Hero (2014), 一万碗 Ten Thousand Bowls (2014), 我的秘密笔友 My Secret Pen Pal (2015), Essence Of Love (2017) and Take Me Away (2016) the film that was awarded Best Film for Movie Makers Award in Singapore. Sun's short films focus on social discrimination and political issues that should be brought to light. Every film is a lesson and has a meaning, some may not be spelt out word for word. Achievements: (Take Me Away) Best Film for Movie Maker 2016 (英雄 Hero Short Film) Silver Medal for Best Film at New York Film Award 2015 (英雄 Hero Short Film) Official Selection in Dragon Dreaming Film Festival 2015 (英雄 Hero Short Film) Official Selection in Singapore & Japan Festival 2016 (一万碗 Ten Thousand Bowls) Gold Medal for Gleneagles Short Film Competition 2014 For projects and collaborations, please email to sunji.guangfilms@gmail.com