Westernized Koreaness = Hybridization And, Love.

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1 season 6 episodes

Westernized Koreaness = Hybridization And, Love. is a series composed of 6 videos featuring archetypal characters, interpreters of «love-stories» in which we find the characteristics of Korean dramas, also known as "K-dramas ».

The narrative construction and the cinematographic genre vary from one episode to another. We go through a palette of samples of typical sub-genres, among which:

* a romantic comedy based on futuristic technologies;

* a thriller where we follow a spy in search of her partner and missing lover;

* a reality TVs show that leads us to a liar in search of recognition;

* an hybrid piece where an entrepreneur fights against an irrepressible love that go beyond the values of his society;

* a historical fable summoning patriotic surge and fantastic invaders;

*and, finally, a science fiction accents where students in a classroom, guided by a cheerful teacher, enact and practice arbitrary rules to control their emotions and get a love crush

Director's Statement

While narrative construction and film genre vary from one video to another, each of the six videos embraces the theme of the quest for origins that contemporary Korean society lends itself to, as well as the obsession with finding « love », criterion of social success around which all these dramas are built. In South Korea whose culture continues to build and assert itself after years of war and Western influence, the young society develops its own Siamese roots. By this I tried to highlight the circulation of influences on the emergence of new figures and cultural expressions.

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