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An animated anthology of 5 short films about life, love and the landscapes of Singapore past and present. With virtually no dialogue, each film is accompanied by a musical score and aims to show how our living landscapes and surroundings intertwine with our memories and imagination. Stories include a childhood romance that blossomed amongst the bookshelves of an old library; a fantasy adventure where a girl meets a cat who brings her into the underbelly of a night market; a nostalgic look at the playgrounds of our youth and the bittersweet simplicity of life; a tale about solitude and serendipity during an afternoon rain in the city, and an old violin's journey that spans 80 years of Singapore’s past.

Director's Statement: 

I believe our lives, memories and imagination are deeply intertwined with our living landscapes. For a small nation like Singapore with a relatively short history, balancing conservation of its heritage sites and urban development is often a difficult challenge. Heritage isn't about tearing things down and building monuments for them - it's a living thing passed on through stories, and our heritage sites and landscapes provide an important backdrop for those narratives. While these films are, at their heart, about innocent times and the bittersweet simplicity of life, they're also a paean to the places in Singapore I remember growing up in and love letters to my home.

5 episodes

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