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It is not necessary that fate brings people together in this small city. Could it be circumstantial events as the linking factor, or something else? An old sofa to her eyes but a passionate pair of full lips to his;Inside the library, a former popular novel hides their unfermented seeds of love;A mysterious cake triggers the determination of a night shift security guard to search the source of the taste of sweetness in his life;A middle-aged dressmaker meets a young man who returns to seek his past.Under the blue moonlight is the pounding of a lonesome heart; Regardless of the number of failures met before, one would still devotedly take the new lover as an angel from heaven, so heart-moving yet so untouchable;Someone says falling is love is like sailing into a dark sea, or a kid dreaming to venture into the kingdom of Narnia;Feel the charisma of the city through these movies, work of six directors, and watch how SOLER weaves the threads of love among these six stories. Each love story is unique… love is in the city.

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6 episodes

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