Why Viddsee?

Viddsee is a leading video entertainment platform for short premium content. With over 1 billion views, we connect audiences, storytellers and brands with premium content through

Viddsee Studios

A data-driven creation studio that leverages content insights and community of local storytellers.

A multi-platform network

that scales authentic and quality content to targeted audiences across the region.

Viddsee Studios

Through Viddsee Studios, our award-winning creative team sets the direction in creating content that fits with your objectives. The results are story-led brand films that leverage on first-party story data insights, and our Viddsee Storyteller Network of over 3,000 storytellers, whose style and vision complement your brand story and production values.

By applying the lens of filmmaking to branded storytelling, we create short films and documentaries that we know you’ll love, because our audience loves them too.

Platform Partnership

Your brand film can also be effectively amplified to millions across our platform. We have

A community

who trusts us to deliver authenticity and entertaining films.

An engaged audience

thanks to our data-driven insights of local audience demand, context and viewing habits to frame an optimal content marketing place.

Our community

2.4+ billion150 million1 million700,000
total video viewshours viewedsocial media fansYouTube subscribers

Data & Community drives results

Get in touch with us to launch your video content marketing campaign in 3 simple steps:

Insightful & Talent-driven Content Creation

Tap into our platform insights and Storyteller Network to tell original and relevant stories.

Targeted Distribution and Marketing

Having built a trusted community, we can authentically engage with audiences at scale.

Effective Results

An end-to-end solution, from content creation to marketing and distribution that can drive effective results.

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