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[Ask Me Anything] Hi folks! I am the writer & co-director of "Stop or Melt!"
by Danish Jalil
in #AMA
6 2017-12-03 06:28:52 UTC
Danish Jalil
[Ask Me Anything] I am Brian Patrick Lim the director of “Marian”
by Brian Patrick Lim
in #AMA
5 2017-11-30 10:35:18 UTC
Brian Patrick Lim
I am the filmaker of "Atlantis, I also came from there"
by Maria De Fátima Seehagen
in #AMA
1 2017-11-29 09:48:14 UTC
Maria De Fátima Seehagen
AMA - Alberto Triana - Director of The Film "The Stranger In My House"
by Alberto Triana
in #AMA
11 2017-11-25 15:54:08 UTC
Alberto Triana
[Ask Me Anything] I am the filmmaker of "Halal" documentary based in Cebu, Philippines
by Dahren Tagtag
in #AMA
2 2017-11-25 02:34:13 UTC
Dempster Samarista
[Ask Me Anything] I am the filmmaker of "Skit"
by Kristinne Nigel
in #AMA
2 2017-11-24 17:06:18 UTC
Millen Manalo
Harley Maranan's AMA on Silent Filmmaking and Filmmaking as a Teen
by Arthur Rodger 'Harley' Maranan
in #AMA
2 2017-11-17 16:01:43 UTC
Arthur Rodger 'Harley' Maranan
[Ask Me Anything] I'm the Filmmaker of "Sa Saíyang Islá" In His Island
by Christian Candelaria
in #AMA
15 2017-11-17 14:49:09 UTC
ivan gacer
[Ask Me Anything] I am Tashana Rivera the director of “Companion”
by Tashana Rivera
in #AMA
11 2017-11-13 02:11:14 UTC
S.q. Ng
[Ask Me Anything] I'm the filmmaker "SunSad" from small city in Indonesia
by Dimas Savero
in #AMA
1 2017-11-06 16:06:04 UTC
Dimas Savero