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THE ENABLING FESTIVAL 2020 (online version)

The #EnablingFestival 2020, its third instalment since 2018, will be a unique and interesting event, because the festival will be travelling into your home. It will be online because of the many restrictions during this trying Covid 19 pandemic.

Like minded organisations and individual are able to continue to spread their messages , aim to educate and inspire, and through their work/projects/creation on this platform.

The festival will feature professional speakers, caregivers’ chit chat, celebrities’ sharing, theatre, music, films, family-friendly activities and much more.

The focus for the Enabling Festival 2020 will be on SIGHT.

Do we know what it feels like to live with the knowledge that our brain might be playing tricks on us and that we are seeing differently from everyone else.

No we don’t. We see the world based on our own perceptions and not understanding that everyday task for people living with #dementia are beset with visual obstacles and more.

We hope this online Enabling Festival will strengthened your sense of community, especially for caregivers.

You are not alone!

If you have ONE DOLLAR to spare, I hope you can support us to run the festival.

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