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[SG] Casting Call For Short Film

We are film students from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and we are looking to cast 3 people for a 15 minutes short film project we are producing. 1 main and 2 supporting roles.

1. Vincent Chua (main role)
- Male
- Chinese (english speaking role)
- Screen age: 32

Vincent feels like a failure due to growing up in his sister's shadow and is insecure as no one ever seems to pay attention or come through for him. Due to his pessimistic state of mind, he also feels that people are always just making use of him. Because of his relationship with his sister, he seeks attention else where.

2. Jane Chua (supporting role)
- Female
- Chinese (english speaking role)
- Screen age: 34

Jane is bossy, strict, snobby and an all round leader. She always wants things to be her way as she's always gotten what she's wanted. She feels that she is always right and therefor has the best solutions for everything. She also gets annoyed when things are out of her control and when people don't listen to her.

3. Sam Tan (supporting role)
- Male
- Chinese (english speaking role)
- Screen age: 32

Sam is the only person in the group of friends that has never actually met any of them since he doesn't actually know any of them. He is kidnapped and doesn't know what is going on. All he wants is to survive and so he does whatever Vincent wants.

If you are interested, please email or WhatsApp us:
- Full name
-Contact number
- Recent headshot
- Role you are auditioning for

Producer: Aleeyah
WhatsApp: +65 9129 7565

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