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My Short Films

In conjunction with National Day 2017, I was commissioned to make a short film inspired by the theme of ‘Home’ within a short span of time. I had just returned from a two-month trip. It was so rushed, I didn't have much time to think about it. What came to mind instantly about home is the people I love and care for — like my grandma.

The team was put together within a short 2 weeks. They are mostly from my university (ADM), and crew I’ve worked with for many years after graduation. They are the best people I have worked with. I feel most comfortable working with them.

Time was the main challenge. I was given only two weeks to work — from scriptwriting to production work. Usually, if you have little time, a good budget can compensate to get things moving faster. Unfortunately, I didn't have both. Since it is a low budget shoot, (my co-producer) Tian Xinni and I had multiple roles. It feels like I am back on a student short film project. It was not easy, but I enjoyed the whole process. I guess everything feels genuine and real. I've missed that feeling.

Perhaps it is about forming a team, how everyone who shares the same passion comes together to make things happen. I am so lucky to have Xinni and a supportive crew doing this for me, treating my short film as their passion project too. I can’t do it without all these people.

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