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"JANE": a film about a woman working in a suicide hotline

Hi! My name is Andhika and I am the writer and director of this film. I'm from Indonesia and I am currently studying film in Dongseo University, South Korea.
This film tells the story of Jae-in ("JANE") who is working in a suicide hotline. At the moment, she is falling for Jon-young whom she met on Facebook. However, when they are about to meet, she suddenly finds some strong similarities between him and a depressed guy who always calls to the hotline to cry about his life.

For the past 8 years, South Korea has had the highest suicide rate among the OECD countries.
In 2011, the National Statistic Service reported that 15,906 people committed suicide in a year. That's about 1000 people taking their lives every month--43 people everyday or one person every 34 minutes.

I wrote this script about a woman working as a counselor in a suicide hotline during my study in Indonesia for a class project. And one semester later, I was blessed enough to go abroad and study film in South Korea.
These facts and situation in South Korea had given me the space to finally produce the script into a film one year later during my study here.

Amongst all, I just hope that hope doesn't fail us. And that it's not wrong to say and believe that things will get better no matter how bad it is. Because believing is the start of something--the start of something good to happen.
Always remember to take a moment every day to feel blessed for who you were and who you are now.

Please watch the film on the link above and feel free to ask me some questions about it if you want. Thank you ^^

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