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I'm the filmmaker of 'Made in Bali'. A film about a young man who visits the island with the help of a guide – all while keeping his true identity hidden. Ask Me Anything!

Hello! I'm Michael, the director of 'Made in Bali'. I made the film as an expression of affection for the island of Bali where I have lived part-time over the last ten years. The film was also a piece meant to emotionally explore the relationship I have with my own father through this story. The story itself was initially based on a friends experience of his first trip to Indonesia.

I'd previously worked as an Assistant Director, Production Manager and Producer on 48 movies and TV series, including 'Prison Break', 'The Grey', 'This Means War', 'The A- Team', 'White Chicks', 'Just Friends' and 'Love Happens'. Most recently, I directed the TV series, 'Brata', for HOOQ in Jakarta and now has just finished directing a web mini-series for LINE. I am currently in development to direct my first feature film.

I hope you enjoyed 'Made in Bali'! Feel free to ask me anything about the filmmaking process or any other questions you might have about my work.

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