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I'm the filmmaker of 'Lak Boh Ki'. Ask Me Anything!

Hi! Thank you for watching 'Lak Boh Ki’ – an animated short film about a one-and-a-half year old baby who dropped his plush Merlion toy onto the ledge outside of his HDB apartment window tries to get it back, and in the palm-sweating process reveals the contemporary Singaporean landscape made up of foreigners.

We are happy to have Ang Qing Sheng, the writer and director of this short film, on this AMA to answer any questions you may have about his animated short.

Qing Sheng is an independent animation filmmaker in Singapore and am a lecturer in the Animation programme at LASALLE College of the Arts. He graduated from the School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University with a first-class honours degree in 2013 and have also received support from both LASALLE Research Project Funding and National Arts Council (Singapore) to produce animated short films, one of which is "5 Shades of Solitude" for Utter 2015 as part of the Singapore Writer's Festival, and the other is "Lak Boh Ki", the world's first Hainanese animated short that premiered locally at Singapore Chinese Film Festival and internationally at DOK Leipzig in 2016. He also won the Digicon6 Singapore Gold award in 2017 and the Judges Special Prize and Audience Prize at the International Animation Festival Nagoya 2016.

Here are some questions you can ask him:
1. Why did you decide to go with this particular dialect in this film?
2. What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced in creating animated films?
3. What advice will you give to those who wish to try their hand at creating animated films?

Note: The host may choose at his preference to not answer particular questions. Let’s keep the questions constructive and friendly. 🙂

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