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I'm the filmmaker of 'HAJAT'. A film about desperation, love, and death. Ask Me Anything!

Hi there! Thank you for watching HAJAT. I’m Ken Kin the producer, writer and director for the short film. I like to make films of different genres to explore the various themes and also the technical aspects of making them. Am really excited to be a part of this AMA thread, so ask away!

HAJAT was inspired by a news article I stumbled upon many years before making the short film. There was this husband that goes to a tree in front of his house to try to commit suicide by hanging himself. Everyday. Alarmed at first, his wife eventually got used to the routine as the husband would come back in time for dinner. One day, he was late. She goes outside and finds the husband hanging on the tree.

What really happened? It took me years to figure out how best to write a story around that and I eventually settled on this.

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