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I'm the filmmaker of 'Give & Take (友情條件)' – A film about facing the many dilemmas of school-time friendships. Ask me anything! (:

Thank you for watching ‘Give & Take’. I am Boan Wang, the writer and director of this short film. Give & Take was my undergraduate graduation project. After that, my focus on filmmaking has actually switched to documentaries, but deep down I am still always ready to write another fiction film!

Give & Take was actually inspired by a true event which happened to me when I was 10. While I was writing, I decided to set the story in a high school instead, because I thought high school is such an interesting stage of our lives with complexities to explore.

Looking forward to your feedback and questions!

(Community Notes:
Ask Boan about his writing process, challenges faced, and/or how he hopes to define life's complexities through future films)

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