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I'm the filmmaker for "In Spite Of", a short inspired by the film Arrival.

Set in the Middle East today, this short film is inspired by the film Arrival as it explores the non- linearity of the world we live in. More often than not, we recognize the sanctity of time, but we do not truly understand it. We do not comprehend the sense of loss and wonder associated with time. Only until we have experienced the grief of losing someone, then can we perhaps gain a little insight to the quiet disposition of time as a character in our life. Time's humbling presence has always been overlooked. It is a poem we have no means of interpreting until we have attained the language to do so. Unfortunately, that language often only becomes fluent to us through experience.

I'm a first-time filmmaker! Growing up, I had no experience and exposure to filmmaking at all. It was only during university when I slowly discovered my appreciation for such a poetic medium that could convey much more than a feeling... it could leave people inspired, perhaps even making them reconsider things that happened in their life for a second. I think film is such a powerful way to start meaningful conversations that tend to get lost in today's chaotic world. (:

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