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I'm Sanif Olek, one of the judges for this year's Juree Singapore. Ask me anything!

Hi all! I'm Sanif Olek, one of the judges for this year's Juree Singapore!

My journey to filmmaking was somewhat an unconventional one, having only made my first short 10 years after graduating from film school. As someone who had to fight my way to have that film (and many others) made through countless rejections and my own independent funding, I applaud anyone who has the passion and drive to complete their films and submit their work at this year's Juree Awards. In my work, I tend to gravitate towards realism – especially stories that affect my community and that are often overlooked by the mainstream outlets. As a juror, what I will be looking out for is a personal and distinct voice throughout each film (imitation can only get you so far), and whether that voice actually has something to say about our society today.

Feel free to ask me questions about life on the film set (i.e. dealing with cast and crew, on set insecurity surrounded by huge egos, directing stars), and how to move forward as a filmmaker despite the many challenges!

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