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Hi, I'm Yee Sien, the filmmaker of "The Last Drive", a film about a middle-aged driver, who suddenly discovers his sensitivity towards sound, and is triggered to start a new career.

It is a film that explores life stages, age, intuition, talent, reality, etc.

Me and my writer were inspired by a real life story seen on a news. Besides, I am a full time director in Malaysia, working on TV dramas and commercials. After years being in the industry, we've been through ups and downs. We've seen changes within ourselves, in terms of mind and energy. We also observed peers who have been in and out of this industry. Life is full of choices. At different times of life, we may have made choices based on our needs and priorities during that time.

Script wise, we were extremely intrigued by some Japanese dramas. The scenes are lengthy with lots of conversation, yet we are fully immersed in the story. Writing dialogues is definitely one of the biggest challenge for this film, and we hope we manage to have you sit through the film!

Ask me anything. And do share your thoughts after watching the film. We would like to know what worked and what did not for you.

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