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Hi! I'm the filmmaker of 'Tonio, You Son of A Cat!' – A film about a child learning to cope with loss and separation. Ask Me Anything!

Hi! Thank you so much for watching my little film. I'm Jonah the director and writer of Anak ng Pusa Naman, Tonio (Tonio, You Son of a Cat!). I recently graduated from University of the Philippines with a degree in Film and is hoping to make more films in the future. I really like telling stories about kids and their imagination, and how the environment they live in affects their growth. I also have a penchant for strange comedy films as a way to convey serious topics.

My greatest inspiration for my story is my own family. We had to face the separation and loss of my parents in a very early age. and I have seen the struggle of my mother to explain something so serious as divorce to young kids like me and my brother.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have! Maybe we can chat about films that resonated with you while watching mine as well. :)

(Community Notes:
Ask Jonah about her future filmmaking plans, what themes she would like to explore next, working with an animal and child on 'Tonio, You Son of A Cat!', etc.)

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