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Hi! I'm the filmmaker of 'Sasmita Narendra' – A film about an antique collector's descent into a world of nightmares. Ask Me Anything!

Hi! Thank you for watching the film 'Sasmita Narendra'. I am Rony Ramadhan, the screenwriter and director of this short film. I have now graduated from a film school at the Yogyakarta Indonesian Institute of Art and always want to continue working. The diversity of cultures and nature that Indonesia possesses makes me very interested in digging deeper into culture as forming the character of each individual. One of them is Keris, a kind of Malay national short weapon that is used to protect itself and as a symbol of manhood that has magical power or contains tuah so that it can influence the opposing party into fear of the heirloom users in some Javanese communities.

This story originated from the story of a servant in the palace of the Yogyakarta palace who got a hereditary keris from his coworkers. The keris is believed to be an internal problem experienced by his family.

The idea of ​​repetition of dreams experienced by the main character is considered as a sign, a hunch, or a sign of the coming of an event, so that dreams are interpreted or interpreted to mean, if on Java they are Titioni, Gondoyoni, and Puspotajem

Feel free to ask me questions that you might have!

(Community Notes:
Ask Rony about using superstitions and symbolisms in filmmaking, his future filmmaking plans, and inspirations/references in his works!)

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