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Crowdfund Call: Hotline Miami: Singapore Takeover

Hello everyone! Electus Films is crowdfunding for our film "Hotline Miami: Singapore Takeover". Inspired by the high-octane action game with raw-brutality, we aspire to shoot our version of this game into a live-action short film at the most lawful country, Singapore back in the 1980s.

This is our ever first action thriller film that will be produced by Electus Films, a group of Collective Creatives based in Singapore. Here's what we still need to complete this film:

- Equipment Rentals: Cameras, Lighting, Audio Interfaces, Hard Drives, Tripods etc. (Making sure we have the best working equipment to produce the best film.)

- Food and Drinks for our cast and crew. Our shoots will always take place during the night and it can get very tiring working at odd hours, so we have to make sure everyone is well fed. A hungry man is an angry man (that includes women too).

- Token of Appreciation for the cast and crew for working so hard on making the film the best for you guys! We have all sorts of individual who's coming in to share a piece of their art and talent for this film.

- Location Rentals. We will always make sure that we have the location all locked down to optimize the time we have on set for the scenes.


To contribute to our film, simply click here!

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