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Crew & Casting Call!


I am a French short film director from Paris, nice to e-meet you.

I am planning to shoot a short film in Indonesia during next October, and I am searching for local crew and partners.

Just few words about me: I have directed 3 short films so far and the last one was selected in several festivals and film markets around the world (mostly in USA, Canada, France, Italy...). My next one, "Janji", will be a drama around father/daughter relationship, with a little bit of adventure. Until now, it was more a DIY production style, but with this project I want to make a real professional work, therefore I need a well-established crew and a better equipment, of course.

I decided to shoot it in Indonesia for various reasons. First, I used to direct each of my short films in a different language; that is my way to open my art to the world (first one was in French, then in Korean and the latest one in Brazilian Portuguese). Now I want to shoot in Bahasa Indonesia. I also have a special relationship with Indonesia since it's my wife's culture and nationality. I visited the country several times and I am familiar with the West Java area. And of course, the story of "Janji" needs great landscapes, that’s why Indonesia is the perfect match!

My biggest challenge is that I will have to do the entire pre-production step from France, since I plan to go and shoot directly in Java in October.

What I would need now:

- Two 50/60yo Indonesian male actors
- A French speaking AD (or 1st AD)
- A typical short film crew, with people used to work together

The screenplay has been translated into Indonesian; feel free to drop me a message if you want to read it.

Meanwhile, you can know a little more about me by visiting my website:

And last but not least, here is "Janji"s tagline: "In order to keep a promise, Rama ventures deep into the jungle in search of a sacred place..."

Makasih banyak!


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