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Calling out to all series creators! #ViddseePicks

This month, we highlight a selection of entertaining series as we celebrate, cry and laugh about stories which are accessible and relatable! Whether it's romcom, horror, docuseries, or heartwarming episodes, submit your series for a chance to be featured on the Viddsee Homepage, be considered for Viddsee's Top 10 of 2021, and a special premiere on Youtube!

Submit your episodes through with the referral code ""SERIES2021"" to participate.

*Submission period closes on 3 Aug 2021, 2359 SGT.

(a) Do I need to be a filmmaker from a particular country or region to qualify?
We review all submissions, regardless of your nationality.

(b) Does my film need to be of a particular genre, of a particular runtime?
We will also review film submissions of any genres or mixed genres, and with no limitation on total runtime/duration.

(c) Can I submit more than one film submission?
Yes sure, the important thing is to indicate your referral code, so we know that you’re submitting for this callout.

(d) How does the selection process work?
We review all submissions to see if they qualify for each callout. Typically, out of the submissions, our curation team approves a selection of titles based on our platform curation guidelines. Out of those approved, we continue to shortlist the titles to feature in our socials and across platform accordingly.

(e) What if I don’t get selected into the playlist? Does it mean that it has been rejected?
Not to worry, our curators will still review your submission for the platform curation, and approve if we deem it fit. Having your film approved on the platform means that you’re part of our Viddsee Storyteller Network, and gets you the chance of working closer with us for future project opportunities. You can still qualify for our monthly Viddsee Shortee Award even if your films are not selected for the featuring.

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