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Ask me Anything [Pablo Conde]

Hi. my name is Pablo Conde, and i consider myself as an visual storyteller. I Focus on 2d animation, but i work with several mediums such as illustration, painting, comics, visual effects, real life filming, acting and a little bit of sound.
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in march 1988. I began making comics, and then started on the animation word. I studied on several art institutes, but the practice and work in the field made the best teacher.
One of the most complex project in which i have worked is "60 seconds of darkness" (available here on my channel). it was my first work as a director, and it took us 5 years to produce it (because we made it with no budget, we had to work on it in our "free time"). this shortfilm its an adaptation of "El Eternauta" (argentinian comic from 1957) original work by Héctor Germán Oesterheld & Francisco Solano López.
Actually im working on a animated series project, in the pre production and script stage.
sorry for being short, but my native language is spanish, and i have some limitation with the english.
anyway, im here if anyone has any question.

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