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[Ask Me Anything] I am the filmmaker of "The Herd"

This week, we have Melanie Light, filmmaker of "The Herd", a film which shocked audiences into thinking about animal rights issues by depicting women being exploited for milk like cows in the dairy industry.

This passionate UK-based director will be here on Viddsee Community to answer any filmmaking questions you have! Ask away in the comments below NOW and check back for a response from Melanie herself this Saturday, 17th June!


Melanie Light has worked within the art department on a multitude of television and film projects for over ten years, as both Stand-by Art Director and Production Designer. Her work has taken her all over the world, introducing her to a wealth of experiences that not only honed her career skills but gave her the drive to make her own films.

This began in 2010 with ‘Switch’ a short film which turns the tables on the typical male killer, which played at a number of international film festivals.

Her next film, 'Escape' was a visceral rape revenge film, made in the Nevada desert, USA. Melanie coordinated and directed this film despite being thousands of miles from home, which came with a whole host of interesting obstacles to overcome. Despite this, the film was a success.

After directing a number of music videos and further short film projects, Melanie began work on 'The Herd,' a passion project that incorporated not only her desire to make meaningful cinema, but drew from her vast experience of film making and the many talented individuals she brought together to make it possible.

Known as the first vegan feminist horror film, 'The Herd' is an uncompromising vision of a world where human females replace dairy cows, in an attempt to portray the suffering of non human animals. The film has won many awards and was selected by a number of prestigious film festivals.

Her current feature film project is ‘Covetous,' which she hopes to film in Bristol, UK. Covetous deals with the consequence of abuse.


Here are some questions you can ask Melanie:

1. How do you feel about the reception towards your film "The Herd" so far?
2. How are your films received across different countries and cultures?
3. Where do you get the courage to make films based on controversial subjects like animal rights, abuse, rape etc.?
4. Do you think there are differences between female and male filmmakers when it comes to talking about difficult social issues?
5. What advice will you give to aspiring filmmakers who want to make meaningful films with strong social messages?

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