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[Ask Me Anything] I am the filmmaker of "Hanging On (留言)"

With over 10 years of video production experiences, Charles Chau Man Leong has created over 200 works including micro-films, advertisements, music videos, etc. With his sentimental touch and stylish approach, he has been collaborating with HK artists such as Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Law Lan, Lowell Lo, Prudence Liew, Gin Lee, Carlos Chan, AGA, Robynn & Kendy, Phil Lam, Carisa Yan, Cherry Fung, etc.

As a film maker with wide range of abilities to direct, produce, screenwriting, film editing, and even behind the cameras, his mirco-films has won many awards including:

5th Macau International Micro-Movie Festival –“Best Director Award”
2013 ESD Life Hong Kong Wedding Videography Award”–“Most Creative Award - Silver”
Taiwan iBEC Micro-Movie –“Most Popular Award”
Taiwan International Short-Film x Hengdian Film Festival - “Best Micro-movie Award”
3rd HKheart Micro-Movie Contest –“Best Micro-movie Award– Silver”
2014 ESD Life Hong Kong Wedding Videography Award”–“Most Creative Award - Silver”
6th Macau International Micro-Movie Festival –“Best Screenplay Award”
5th Guangzhou International Micro-Movie Contest –“The Best Hong Kong and Macau Film Award”
4rd HKheart Micro-Movie Contest –“Most Popular Award”
Viddsee (Feb 2016) “Shortee Micro Film Award”

Charles is here to answer any questions you have for him! Post your questions here NOW and he will drop by this Sat, 11th Mar 2017, to answer them for you!

Here are some questions you can ask Charles:

1. What was the very first film you've ever made?

2. Who are the filmmakers you admire?

3. Which are the films that made you cry the hardest? (or anything fun like that!)

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