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[Ask Me Anything] I am Kai Yuan from "Our Grandfather Story"

Hello! I am Ng Kai Yuan, director at "Our Grandfather Story", a Singaporean digital publisher that is passionate about documenting, curating and retelling authentic local stories through multiple social media platforms.

Some of our works on Viddsee include "Comics World", "Kopi Masters" and "Lakshmi Villa – The House With The Water Well". (Click on the link below to see more stories!)

I am passionate about visual storytelling and am also intrigued by how business models of media companies have evolved together with the drastically changing media landscape over the years.

ASK ME ANYTHING! I look forward to chatting with you about documentary filmmaking, social media marketing and the local media start-up scene in Singapore.

PS: I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to survive the last year of university while trying to run a start-up? Let me know! :)

How it works: Post your questions or thoughts down in the comments below any time this week. Check back here for a response from Kai Yuan himself this weekend, 3rd September 2017!

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